Zalgo (d.2547) was one of the Major Celestials, the Celestial of Madness and Darkness, although formally of Light.


Created by the so-called Titans to be the Celestial of Light, Zalgo shaped the Angelic Realms and the holy powers kept within them. He was the embodiment of all good in existence to which all mortals and even celestials looked up to. This blissful existence however was not to last. Exactly how Zalgo fell has remained a mystery, but it was clear something corrupted his heart.

Zalgo became the Celestial of Darkness and Madness, taking on a horrific form of a giant sea monster formed only from dark matter and disgusting slimy skin. His tendrils can appear from anywhere on himself as they seek to grab anything they can corrupt. Primarily his focus is on the mind. His followers devote themselves blindly to him believing he will open the eyes of all mortals to his glorious rule. Those who come across his magic or matter find themselves haunted by maddening whispers and cries. The weak minded become mindless, and even the strong willed begin to question their own thoughts.

On the day of Christmas 2563 Zalgo almost entered the mortal realm fully, summoned by a maddened Daniel Almis and the already mad necromancer Lana. He was however driven back and defeated by the ascension of Dan to Celestialhood, with a banishing curse being lain upon him to never return for aslong as the sword Blightslayer remains intact.

When the blade was finally broken by the trickster celestial Seh'Makou, Zalgo attacked Phoenixspire but was swiftly defeated by Gaia, Celestial of Light, sacrificing her life. It is said a relic was created out of the essences of both Zalgo and Gaia, but it has not been seen since.


Like the other Celestials, Zalgo can take many forms. His most prominent are:

  • Cthulhu Beast - Since his descent into madness Zalgo appears as a large squid-like creature.
  • Entity Host - Zalgo has managed to channel a part of himself through a host, usually a devoted Cultist, allowing for a shadowy figure of himself to roam the mortal plane should the host summon his form.


Zalgo is consumed by rage and madness ever since he was corrupted, presumably by Seh'Makou, and makes it his own purpose to bring all of the realms into his madness. Because of this he can not be reasoned with or brought to peace. The only people he even thinks of sparing are his devoted cultists, but even then he will sacrifice them for his cause without hesitation. His anger spreads to all things, but most of all his fellow Celestials.