Ventus 'Ven' Almis is the middle son of Gaia and Nozdormu and the brother of Daniel Almis and Elijah Almis as well as a member of the notorious Almis Family.


Early Life

Ven lived much of his early life as a Celestial Being before taking a human form when he was cast down alongside his brothers in 1185AD. Upon being cast down Almis took an oath to protect the weak and fight evil, becoming a renowned warrior and protector of many worlds.

At some point Almis was tricked into another timeline by Seh'Makou and thought dead for many years by his friends and family, eventually he returned to continue his work in protecting the galaxy working as a bounty hunter.


Almis retained his dragon form as a Celestial Descendant and can shift into this form at will.

Almis also has the ability of Pyromancy, meaning that he can control and manipulate the element of fire. This often manifests itself as a dark red magic.