Vampires are blood-sucking beings who were turned by the bite of another Vampire. They are usually identifiable by their red eyes and paler skin, whilst being known for the lust to consume blood. Becoming a vampire usually enhances ones physical strength and magical ability.


Vampires can be a variety of different ethnicities and either gender. They can choose whether or not to have their canines extended, which are usually long enough to peek out over the lips even if their mouths are closed. Some vampires, mostly prominently being those of close Draculan descent, are able to take on a monster form that increases their already superhuman abilities to an extreme which makes them very formidable. But this monster form has only been seen in rare cases and mostly of those in the first to fourth generation of the Draculan bloodline. Various other gifts could be inherited from the Draculan bloodline but aside from the monster form, and the fact that the original Draculan family is dead, these have yet to be seen.

Culture & Society

Vampire culture is mostly closely related to human culture in that there are variations, religion can also vary among vampires as they are either turned as humans and stick to their current culture or religion or those who are born vampires and usually follow after their parents.


Dracula was the first vampire, but how he came to be is a mystery of its own. He had three children, Dagon, Danica, and Draetheus. Each Draculan had their own bloodline that still lives on even now. Kittiana Youngblood is a 5th generation Draculan in Danica’s bloodline. Draetheus has his own bloodline that still lives on today and a great deal of offspring, although most are dead. Dagon’s bloodline is unknown, therefore most existing vampires are thought to have descended from Danica with the assumption that a few are from Dagon. However there’s an exception to this. The majority of the vampires previously in the pocket dimension, now situated on Nightblood, are descended from Draetheus. All three siblings were referred to as the First House of Vampire Elders while Dracula is referred to as The Progenitor. Each sibling’s immediate offspring [the very next generation] were grouped together and referred to as The Second House of Vampire Elders but are as of yet unknown in number. Dagon was known to be the strongest of the three siblings, Danica was the sharpest, and Draetheus was the most creative.