"It was as if she knew I was going to come here one day. Her time spent raising me was all to prepare me for this realm, for protecting this galaxy. Not a single thought was selfish or careless. She was truly remarkable."
- Aaron describing Sylvana
Princess Sylvana Almis (Also Veilsong) was the daughter of Jaya Veilsong and Talis Veilsong and a member of The Almis Family due to her mother's lineage. She was raised in the Traveller's Dimension from birth, thus making her existence in the galaxy almost untraceable until the return of her son Aaron Almis years later.


The Traveller's Dimension

As a precaution to keep the young Princess safe, her great-uncle the powerful Elijah Almis, took her straight from her mother, Jaya, and to another dimension named The Traveller's Dimension. This was done in the hopes that she would be safe from the clutches of the followers of Zalgo, the same kind her mother had once been threatened by in her own youth. As a result this meant that Sylvana did not know either of her parents and was raised with Elijah as her guardian and father-figure.

As she grew Elijah imparted all of his wisdom onto his great-niece, encouraging her to be a studious and wise young woman, not fiery and wild like her great-grandparents Daniel Almis and Kittiana Youngblood. Thus Sylvana was a kind and intelligent woman. In order to remain safe she was not told of her parents and her true lineage until she was twenty one years old.

Aaron Almis

Sylvana became a mother aged twenty two to her only child, Aaron, named after the famed hero Aaron 157.