Seh'Makou is of of the Major Celestials, the Celestial of Destiny and Deals, he uses his powers for deception and the furtherment of evil deeds throughout the galaxy. Through his energy and that of Istari he is the parent of Curumo, the Celestial of Skill.


One of the first cases of Celestial corruption, Seh'makou has always plotted in secrecy against his fellow kin and their mortal world. He seeked not to destroy it but to use it as his personal playground. Toying around with mortals and their souls, tricking them into deals that would benefit himself aswell as fuel his desire for consuming the most powerful spirits. Before he became corrupted his energy and that of Istari, created Curumo the Celestial of Skill & Craft.


Magic of Deals - Seh'Makou can bind others into deals with him, making him unstoppable once it has been sealed. By tricking people into seemingly fair deals, he usually gets what he wants. If they refuse or resist, they lose their souls to him.

Voodoo Magic - As the Celestial of Souls and Voodoo, he has an extremely advanced knowledge and power in dark and necromatic arts. He is also known to peer into the future through tarot cards.

Captured Souls - Through some of the powerful souls he has captured, Seh'Makou can force them to perform acts for him out of their own skillset. For example, it is believed his capture of the Starforger's soul is what allows him to read the future through tarot cards.


Makou is a wicked and devious entity, originally existing to guide mortal's destinies yet becoming one of the first corrupt Celestials in the process. Ever since he has used his powers to propose deals to unsuspecting mortals, offering them an apparently "better" destiny for a price, one which usually forces them to break the deal and sacrifice their soul to him. It is even thought that Makou caused the corruption of the other Celestials who have fallen, but what corrupted him is still unknown.