The Santori Protectorate is a protective order in the Remnant Sector established to preserve peace throughout the galaxy and continue the work of the extinct Valor Santori. The Santori Protectorate is comprised of two sections, the Protectorate itself being the newer counterpart of the Valor Santori, which were an ancient order of mages and scholars that existed (and were destroyed) millenia ago.


The long-abandoned planet of Santori was rediscovered by Aaron Almis and Aurora Crow whilst conducting their research into the mysterious order of the Valor Santori that had become extinct millenia before. The cause of the original order's destruction remains unclear to this day (although this is an ongoing investigation). Upon rediscovering the planet Almis and Crow set about the re-establisment of the order, feeling that the galaxy was in need of a protective structure in order to maintain peace and monitor the rise of malevolent forces. The pair quickly gained followers from across the galaxy of like-minded individuals and the renovation of Santori and its ancient halls began c.2566.

Government & Politics

The Protectorate is currently headed by Aaron Almis and the Valor Santori by Aurora Crow, they hold the titles of Lord Protector and Grandmaster respectively. The faction operates as an elective monarchy, meaning that when either Almis or Crow should choose to step down from their roles, or are prevented from conducting them due to illness or death, a candidate of the Santori will be elected into their place. It is important to note that although the Santori does not function by hereditary succession, if a child of either one was elected democratically to the position this would be allowed. The Santori prides itself on its democracy and therefore if a Lord Protector or Grandmaster became ineffective in their roles protocols would be in place to order a vote of no confidence.

Society & Culture


The Reformed Santori Sanctum (c.2568)

Santori is comprised of a population of settlers due to the original occupants of the planet being extinct several millenia ago. This means that there are aspects of many cultures seen throughout the city that represents what travellers from across the galaxy have brought with them.

As sworn protectors of the galaxy the Santori welcome any intergalactic refugees that seek asylum within the order, and are especially concerned with helping victims of war.



The Protectorate are the dominant faction within the Remnant Sector, closely neighbouring the Highrock Clans to the west. The Protectorate expands their territory through non-violent methods where possible, aiming to offer protection and learn from the cultures and qualities of their neighbouring planets.