Santori is a very mountainous planet and most of the Valor Santori's buildings are situated within these rocks. Their halls stretch across mountain ranges and smaller hills, meaning wherever you go on the planet you are likely to find a remnant of their past. The rest of the planet is mainly woodland and grassland, with some evidence of former towns and villages still left over by the rivers.


Santori is currently inhabited by the citizens of the Santori Protectorate, who are either refugees of the The Second Demonic Crusade or migrants from the Galactic Systems Union. They are led by the Lord Protector Aaron Almis and the Valor Santori Grandmaster Aurora Crow. The latter leads an ancient order of Protectors trained in many schools of magic who uphold the law of the Celestials.


Santori, meaning Protector in Elvish, was the homeworld of the Valor Santori, an ancient order of guardians that served the original Celestials by keeping their created galaxy safe. They prospered and built many temples, libraries and academies on Santori, but they were later wiped out by something unknown. Ever since the planet has been left untouched and unvisited, until rediscovered by Aaron Almis and Aurora Crow. In the years since its rediscovery the Santori has flourished into a school for magic users and non-magic users alike, using four disciplines of Deity Magic to train the populations of the galaxy in order to protect and defend the innocent. 


  • The Santori Archives are the largest collections of knowledge in the galaxy, dating back centuries ago when the original Valor Santori gathered relics and scrolls from their travels. Almost every type of magic, skill and event is recorded here, which is why the Santori Protectors guard it most of all.
  • The Santori Palace is where Aaron Almis, the current Lord Protector, runs the government. Many elite Protectors of the Valor Santori, including Grandmaster Aurora Crow, also reside here. Beneath the palace are the Vaults, where many ancient relics and artifacts are kept safe from evil.