Phoenixspire is a serene planet once home to the Phoenix race. It has a constant warm climate yet consists of no desert, instead having autumnal forests and grassy plains. It's cities were recently rebuilt after the damages of a demonic attack originating from Acheron. They maintain the original Phoenix-inspired architecture yet contain up-to-date Union technology and materials. Because it is almost the second capital of the Galactic Systems Union it is a massive tourist and trade location.


Phoenixspire is home to the more mystical citizens of the Union. These include supernatural Humans, Elves, Angels, and Dwarves. Even though the new cities are high-tech, the inhabitants maintain some of their original attire and attitudes; focusing magic and soul over technology and brawn. Phoenixspire's representing leader is Queen Jaya Veilsong, who stands as a major member of the GSU Council.


Phoenixspire was originally settled and it's kingdom built decades ago by Daniel Almis. He ruled as King over a group of settlers who quickly expanded and grew to a city-sized colony. They lived without much technology, instead using magic and other means to get by and travel. However due to Daniel's travels he was eventually captured and locked in Oblivion, leaving the citizens of Phoenixspire with no ruler.

Mercenaries and bandits quickly seized the opportunity and forcefully placed themselves as the leaders of the kingdom, keeping the population under submission and stealing their goods to hoard for themselves. Only when Jaya Veilsong, the daughter of Daniel Almis, arrived to discover what had happened were the mercenaries dethroned.

Promising to lead her father's kingdom to glory, Jaya took to the throne and became the Queen of Phoenixspire.


  • The Phoenixspire Palace is the home of Queen Jaya Veilsong. Although it had to be rebuilt after the demonic attacks it still maintains the original catacombs beneath, which are rumoured to hold the old records and archives of Daniel Almis. What truly lays down there is known only to the Queen.
  • The Phoenix Tower is the only true building remaining intact from before the attacks. It is believed that an ancient magic keeps the tower from ever being destroyed, but what lays inside is known only to Queen Jaya and her closest scholars.