Orcs are the primitive warrior species native to Orgrisk. They are widely misunderstood throughout the galaxy having suffered immensely during the Demonic Crusades, during which time they were enslaved and forced to commit atrocities.


Both male and female Orcs are generally large and stocky in built which makes them fearsome warriors. They have skin tones ranging from dark green to a light brown and have tusks that protrude from their mouths. Orcs have the ability to use magic but this is normally treated as a sacred ability and used by only shamans and elders, not the average Orc.

Culture & Society

The Orcs are still in the process of rebuilding their home-planet after the destruction that was caused during the Demonic Crusades. By no means is their technology advanced or their cities developed, but their culture is undergoing a vast re-invention. Orcs have made an effort to lead their fellow oppressed species' such as Ogres, Goblins and the Undead, and make a presence for themselves in politics, most significantly in the Santori Accords.