Necromancy is the practice of channeling energy from the Plane of Death in order to raise, communicate and conduct the dead.


Regarded by many as an evil magic and the perversion of life. It is commonly viewed with a negative connotation and the image of a darkly cloaked being summoning zombies, shades, ghouls, and other undead creatures of the night. While these are the most common applications of Necromancy, they are far from the whole picture.

Those who do choose to manipulate Necromatic energy find that it’s very similar to common magic, but with a few unique twists. For example; if a Necromancer wanted to conjure fire, he wouldn’t conjure a normal fire, he would conjure what is known as ‘soul fire’. It works essentially the same as common magic, but it takes on the obvious feel of death. Magics like this do especially well when fighting spiritual beings or individuals with more psychic powers.

In order to summon a minion such as a zombie, a necromancer must have access to a soul. The older and more powerful the soul is, the more powerful the minion becomes. Humans and common sentient beings often come out with average minions. Hence most Necromancers kill humans and raise them as zombies. However, the actual minion can take the form of anything the Necromancer desires from a shade to a demon. The only limiting factor is the power of the soul. (Note that a bigger body will take a stronger soul to inhabit). Minions often perform best when summoned looking similar to what they were in life. They can also be summoned using whatever weapons and armor the summoner desires, if any at all.


Necromancy in practice involves drawing energy from the Plane of Death, a dimension in which there is no life; only death and undeath. As with most dark realms, this plane is dangerous to contact and draw power from, leading to the corruption of most users.

Notable Practitioners

  • Death- the Entity that carries and raises souls to and from the Plane of Death.