Mytheria is home to the Dwarves and the Elves of the Galactic Systems Union. Whilst both species have settled their grudges and do inter-mingle, their kingdoms are mostly split across the world with the Elves to the west and the Dwarves to the east. The Elves live in more elegant cities full of magic wonders and exotic markets, whilst the Dwarves live along mountainside cities with grander-scale technologies and giant forges.


For as long as Dwarves knew on Mytheria they had been the sworn enemy of the pompous Elves. Centuries were spent fighting each other over lands and resources on the magical world, only ceasing when an outside threat appeared. Orcs, brought to the planet by Demons, began pillaging and invading the natives of the land. Finally agreeing to work together, the Dwarves and Elves repelled the monstrous invaders and secured peace over Mytheria. From then on, they managed to get along well enough to prevent further wars and establish some trade, although Dwarves never truly let their grudge go.

Upon being discovered by the United Earth Government, Mytheria joined its territories as one singular planet, represented by the joint governments of Elves and Dwarves. Over time the UEG became the GSU, and Dwarves were given a larger role in the production of its ships and weapons. Technology soon spread to Mytheria, and the Dwarves embraced every new advancement to stay ahead of the curve. Elves were often enlisted in the GSU armies due to their agility and magic power.


  • The Greatforge is the capital of the Dwarves, a large mountain-city home to the largest and most efficient forges in the galaxy. A large portion of the Union's metals are made here, with some being enchanted further here. Many traders come here for some of the best armour and weapons in the sector.
  • Lunastra is the capital of the Elves, and although it was slower to embrace the Union's technology, it eventually came around and managed to retain its original Elvish architecture whilst upgrading to modern metals and infrastructure. It acts like any normal Union city, but contains many exotic and magical markets that make it a wonderful tourist location.