Don Killian DeBlanc is the highest crime-boss and king-pin of the Golden Syndicate.


Early Life

Killian was born to a relatively poor family on Chorus II. His father worked as an understudy for a local crime-boss as a way to support his family. From a young age, Killian was fascinated by his father's work and when he was in his early teens joined the business himself. Killian quickly became well-liked and established and was taken in as a surrogate son by the Don himself. Around the age of sixteen Killian committed his first murder and developed a taste for blood.

Branching Out

When Killian turned nineteen he decided it was time to leave the service of another boss and seek his own fortune and glory. Leaving Chorus II Killian set out to Pirate's Cove, the centre of all crime and debauchery.

Rise to Success

At first infiltrating the Taneka Crime Family, Killian worked his way to becoming a close ally and confident of George Taneka, the Don. When he had fully gained Taneka's trust he turned him against his own son, Hiro. Expelling Hiro from the family George invited Killian to be his second hand man. Killian accepted and when he was alone in a meeting with Taneka, murdered him, making it appear as though his own jaded son Hiro had killed his father. Killian, upon the wishes of Taneka, then assumed control of the organisation.

As he continued to amass success and put other crime families out of business he eventually combined many of the assets he had acquired and formed the DeBlanc Crime Corporation. During this time he met a young Witch named Olwen Hagan, whom he recognised as having useful powers in the art of deception and compulsion. Taking advantage of the young woman he used her for many years as his personal tool to locate, entrap and extract confessions from anyone he deemed necessary.