"Jaya you honestly think I would have left you with Lana if I thought you were still alive? I thought you were dead..."
- Kitty discovering Jaya was still alive
Queen Jaya Veilsong (née Almis) is the daughter of Daniel Almis and Kittiana Youngblood, and the Queen of Phoenixspire. She is formally a member of the Almis Family.


Early Life

Jaya was born Jaya Almis, to Daniel Almis and Kittiana Youngblood. She was raised on Phoenixspire where she was given the title of princess. Around the age of eight she was kidnapped and murdered by Lana, a servant of Zalgo, unbeknownst to her parents who were left in the dark for many years.

She was later used as a tool by her Celestial grandfather Nozdormu, the Starforger, who used his ability to manipulate time in order to bring Jaya to the present day and use her against her parents. Under the influence of the Starforger, Jaya was forced to murder her own father. Later the trance was broken by her mother and Gavin Reeve, Veilsong vowed to assist in the fight against the Starforger from that moment forward. In this battle with the Starforger she wielded the ancient blade Blightslayer, which corrected her age in the current timeline and purged her soul. In the process her blood became angelic and her hair became white.