istari is of the Major Celestials, the Celestial of Knowledge, Wisdom and Magic. Through her energy and that of Seh'Makou, she is the parent of Curumo, Celestial of Skill.


Istari was instrumental in the creation of the universe in which she assisted Gaia by imparting different kinds of magic into the universe and gifted the inhabitants of the galaxy with knowledge.

At some point the energy of Istari and the energy of Seh'Makou combined and created the Celestial of Skill & Craft, Curumo.


Istari can appear in many forms as can all the Celestials. Her favourites include:

  • A Woman, generally seen in fine clothing with an owl on her shoulder.
  • An Owl, in her purest form Istari appears as an owl comprised of all the energy that she used to depart magic into the universe.

Istari is also credited with the creation of Witches. The first Witch, a woman named Morgan, was a dedicated follower of Istari and impressed her with many gifts and offerings. In reward for her dedication Istari gave her the gift of 'sense', something that is passed down to this day through Morgan's bloodline.



Istari as a Woman.

Istari is one of the few Celestials that remains good and untainted by dark energy. Over the millenia she has watched many of her kin fall to the darkness including Zalgo, Nozdormu, Legion and Seh'Makou. This has brought her great sadness, which was increased even more when her fellow Celestial Gaia died, but Istari continues to hold hope that all is not lost for the Celestials.