"For the Reich!" ― A common battlecry of Reichsmen

The Inquisitorial Reich (Commonly referred to as the Reich) is a dual-led military dictatorship consisting dominantly of Humans and smaller minorities of various species all aligned against the threat of Magic and it's users. Founded around the galactic year 2564 by the masked Grand Inquisitor Krieg and his closest friend and ally Mordecai on the then demon infested world of Guerre. Having fallen to the Helix War and becoming a reluctant vassal state of the Serpentum Imperium the Reich was reduced in both size and power despite the decisive victory of the allied powers. Currently the Reich is waging a rebellion against the Imperium to restore their independence and to reclaim their homeworld to once again wage their crusade against the tyranny of magic.


Government & Politics

The Government of the Reich is very much linked with its armed forces, with military leaders holding heavy control of most aspects of governance, with planetary governors holding minor official power within the system. However, all powers within the Reich must abide by the rulings of the Grand Inquisitors, the two highest rulers of the Reich. However, many believe this system to be heavily flawed and destined to fail, with no clear successors for the Grand Inquisitors in place.

Society & Culture

The culture of the Reich is placed in high regards, only beaten by its military. Their harsh beliefs, that magic is an immoral act, has caused numerous tragedies and shows little in the form of repayment, so it must be eradicated to remove its threat from the Galaxy at large.


While the armed forces of the Inquisitorial Reich may fall behind the technological standards of the GSU and Imperium hold themselves to, they make up for this with their massive numbers. Though crude, Reich ballistics and energy weaponry comes in droves when it fires, easily making up for its shortcomings.

The crudeness of the Reich also had its benefits. During their first delves into energy weaponry, after finding they were unable to create gaseous plasma yet, they had formulated another, simpler design of using high-power magnets to melt low melting point metals to a gaseous form, otherwise known as Slag.