"Glory to the Imperos"-Common quote by aristocrats.

Imperos is the traditional Varanian title held by the emperor of the Serpentum Imperium and used to refer to the ruler of the empire as a whole. The title was first created by Varn the defiler after the purge of Vo'Garem and the conquests that unified the loose Varanus city states into a kratocracy. After his death it was stated that the heir would be elected by his council of generals but in the end the empire was split into warring states and the title was unused until Zul Sagess formed the first Serpentum Imperium under the title.

Currently the title is not held by any noble and any attempts to elect a successor has been curbed by Raxus Imar on grounds of an ancient custom to deny succession until the previous ruler is buried.This barring of the electors has drawn much ire from the High Houses who on several occasions actively acted against the Viscount's rulings with little success.


  • Varn
  • Zul Sagess

Other uses

Imperos is the designation given to the E.C.M Siege Walker used in the battle of Ruin.