An Illusion in battle.

Illusionary Magic is the ancient skill of altering the perceived reality of an individual(s) through a series of conjured images.


Illusionary Magic gives the caster the ability to alter the perceived reality around them including altering their own appearance and conjuring images such as animals. It is important to note the the conjured images are just that, images, and not real or tangible creations, the caster is simply making others around them perceive that an object is reality. Although the illusion itself is not real it can do physical damage due to the energy that it is made from.

People who are adept in the skill can also use the ability of Compulsion in order to persuade those around them to give away information they might not in normal circumstances.


The ability on its own can be hard to sustain, especially if trying to cast an illusion over a powerful magic user or oneself. If trying to sustain an illusion for a long time it is better to use an object that will harness the power. For example, if a caster wants to change their appearance for a long period of time they can wear a ring or some other enchanted item that can maintain the illusion for longer.

Notable Practitioners

  • Seh'Makou- The Celestial of Deals and Destiny that is thought to be the father of Illusionary Magic.