Holy Magic is a type of light magic that is sourced from the Angelic Planes. It is well known as one of the best sources of magic for Healing and Cleansing. Angels are known to naturally radiate the magic.


Holy Magic is an art used primarily for healing and defense, yet in dire times one may smite their enemies with the Light. Newcomers to this magic tend to start off cleansing small wounds, but can eventually bind and remove even the gravest of wounds. As for defense a light-wielder can conjure strong shields of light, powered by ones inner willpower.

Offensive abilities come mostly in the form of conjuring objects or weapons, such as spears or hammers, to throw at the enemy. These are especially effective against undead and demonic beings.


Holy Magic can only be wielded by someone who is good of heart, especially ruling out any Undead or Demonic beings since the magic specifically harms them. Vampires, Lycans and Orcs also receive slight burns from this energy.

Notable Practioners

  • Jaya Veilsong (Formally)- Purged by the blade Blightslayer she gained angelic blood.