Fey Magic is the magic used by the Fey, the native peoples of the Feyworld. It is similar to Elven and Druid Magic and is thought to be a blessing from the Celestial Gaia to her most cherished creations.


They Fey are able to contact the Feywild, an ancient realm from which they summon a kind of natural magic. This gives them the ability to hear animals and plants, sometimes manifesting as audible words and sometimes as a melodic form of music. The Fey are able to summon bright energy that can be used in offensive blasts and also as a protective measure, sometimes the brightness of this alone can be enough to startle or disable an enemy.

The Fey sometimes conduct their energy through vessels in order to refine its impact such as a staff or a wand. Fey magic is only accessible to those with Fey blood, it cannot be taught to those who are not born with an inherent capability to learn it.

Similarities to Elven & Druid Magic

Both Fey Magic, Elven Magic and Druid magic rely and drawn up nature in order to gain power. The three are very similar and the Druids are sometimes considered to be a branch off from the original Fey that inhabited the universe. The Elves are a species considered to be the 'cousins' of the Fey.


The Fey can struggle to harness their magic in areas with little to no living foliage or nature, in destroyed planets or Urban locations this can be a problem. This is especially difficult for Half-Fey.

Notable Practitioners

  • Aurora Crow- Born with innate Half-Fey abilities, trained at the Orduin Institute on Feyworld.
  • Edraele Evenstar- The head instructor at the Orduin Institute.