Elves are a species thought to be the cousins of the Fey. They are closely associated with nature and can be skilled magic users.


All Elves are known to be tall compared to humans and very slender. Both males and females grow long flowing hair and have longed pointed ears as the main giveaway of their race. Blonde and brown are the most common hair colours, with white coming at old age. There are however a few subraces of Elves:

  • High Elves - Are the tallest and fairest skinned Elves, who usually have blonde or white hair.
  • Dark Elves - Are the darkest skinned and are capable of commonly having black hair.
  • Wood Elves - Are the shortest and most mixed Elves, usually having brown hair.

Culture & Society

Elven culture is based highly on family and bloodlines. No matter the subspecies any Elf should be proud and know of their heritage. It is through this culture that families obtain vast wealth together and live in large houses or palaces on Mytheria. Poorer families still do well off working together, meaning there are very few peasant Elves.

As for Religion, that is dependant on the individual Elves beliefs or the influences of their family. Elves who follow Magical paths might revere Celestial gods or darker gods should they choose a darker path. Druids, who particularly are Wood Elves, might revere the natural gods or nature itself. Simple archers or hunters may still revere some gods of ancient Elven lore, which are mainly stories passed down through generations.


Elves were one of the first mortal races to be created by Celestials. This gave them the strong affinity for magic they possess to this day. On the perfect planet of Mytheria they prospered and flourished, becoming a rich species with many citizens. Centuries later they found newcomers to their world; Dwarves. At first tensions ran high as the Elves saw these short stocky barbarians as a threat, but war was quickly cut short by peace talks which garnered in a new age of peace between species. The Elves are still the largest civilisation on Mytheria, but have also expanded to other planets. Some Elves now live on Phoenixspire or even Earth (although with ONI they have mostly been hunted or forced into hiding).