"You can't deny your father had good in him, and Elijah was the most righteous of us all."
-Aaron on Daniel Almis and Elijah

Elijah Almis (d. 2567), was the youngest son of Gaia and Nozdormu and brother of Daniel Almis and Ven Almis. He spent much of his later life in the Traveller's Dimension protecting his great-niece Sylvana Almis and then subsequently her son, Aaron Almis.


Early Life

Elijah lived much of his early life as a Celestial Being before taking a human form when he was cast down alongside his brothers in 1185AD. He lived much of the next few centuries as a nomad, travelling around the galaxy and acquiring vast amounts of knowledge.

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A young Elijah.

The 500 Year War

The Traveller's Dimension

At the birth of his great-niece Sylvana Almis in 2567, Elijah became her protector from the followers of Zalgo. In order to protect the infant he took her to the Traveller's Dimension to avoid the risk of them being followed, here he raised her as his ward. This makes Elijah's death technically the year 2567, although he died many years later in the Traveller's Dimension.