Earth is the birthplace of Humanity, as well as many other Supernatural races. It is one of the two capital worlds of the Galactic Systems Union.


The planet's surface is mostly covered in vast oceans, though the 25% of the landmasses that do exist are home to many life forms, the most prominent of which are Humans.

It is the third farthest planet from its sun, Sol. It's moon, Luna, is approximately a quarter of the Earth's size and serves as a gravitational anchor to stabilise the Earth's orbit, making the conditions on the planet ideal to sustain life.

Various climates exist on the planet, ranging from the tundra to deserts and tropical rainforests.


Many species exist on the planet including a wide range of vertebrates and invertebrates that are adapted to the different range of climates existing on the planet.

The Human race, up until the 21st century, was the most prominent of the races and seemingly the most intelligent. Though, as of the 500 Year War, many Supernatural races have also unveiled themselves such as Elves, Vampires, Lycans and Fey.


Around 100'000 years prior to the modern day, two great civilisations rose. On one side, the progenitor of the vampire race, Dracula, built a vast empire. On the other side, a yet-unnamed progenitor of the Lycan race built an empire equal in size and strength. Both empires had large populations of Humans present, though they had next to no power among the Vampires and Lycans.

For many years the two races resided peacefully, until a group of Humans who practiced magic incited a war between the two empires. The war dragged on for centuries until it finally came to a peaceful resolution, although both empires were too damaged to return to their former glories: and thus the way was paved for Humans to inherit the Earth.

In 2012, the Earth became the battleground for a massive war between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Ill-equipped and heavily inexperienced to deal with the threat, the Supernatural races who had up until now hidden themselves in the shadows, emerged to help Humanity fend off the Demonic invaders. The forces of Heaven also joined with Humanity to help them survive.

At some point in the 22nd century, Humanity developed their first working Faster Than Light engine. And thus began the space age, where the Human race proceeded to colonise other planets. In this time, their weapons technology also grew stronger, which enabled them to fight more effectively in the war. The long and gruelling conflict eventually ended in 2512.

Flora & Fauna

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