Dwarves are a short-statured species originating from the planet Mytheria. They are well known for their craftsmanship and fearlessness in battle.


Dwarves are short and stocky thanks to their natural muscular builds. Even without any working out a Dwarf can still rival the strength and build of a training Human. They also have a biological affinity for rocks and minerals, meaning they can instinctively navigate caves and identify rocks by touch. The Realms of Holy Magic are completely cut off from Dwarves, meaning they cannot harness the light. These latter two traits are thought to be due to their suspected Titan origins.

Culture & Society

Thanks to their alliance with the Galactic Systems Union and the advancement of technology and society, Dwarves recently transferred from a Monarchy to a Democracy with an elected Prime Minister. The Dwarvish Monarchy still plays a role in their military and culture, but holds no political power anymore.

Dwarves have always revered the mysterious Titans, even though their actual knowledge on the beings are pretty much non-existent. Instead they have created stories and ideas over generations, manifesting into made-up figures and gods. They believe that Dwarves were crafted from the rocks themselves by the Titans to become the greatest builders and forgers in the Galaxy.


For as long as Dwarves knew on Mytheria they had been the sworn enemy of the pompous Elves. Centuries were spent fighting each other over lands and resources on the magical world, only ceasing when an outside threat appeared. Orcs, brought to the planet by Demons, began pillaging and invading the natives of the land. Finally agreeing to work together, the Dwarves and Elves repelled the monstrous invaders and secured peace over Mytheria. From then on, they managed to get along well enough to prevent further wars and establish some trade, although Dwarves never truly let their grudge go.

Upon being discovered by the United Earth Government, Mytheria joined its territories as one singular planet, represented by the joint governments of Elves and Dwarves. Over time the UEG became the GSU, and Dwarves were given a larger role in the production of its ships and weapons. Technology soon spread to Mytheria, and Dwarves embraced every new advancement to stay ahead of the curve. To this day they still remain the best builders and forgers in the Union, always being called in for large construction or development projects.