Descendants are a species that are directly descended from the Celestials. They carry celestial blood in their veins and as a result can harness certain magical abilities from this.


Descendants can have any appearance depending on the species of their parents. Most of the current known descendant are human such as the three Almis brothers Daniel Almis, Ven Almis and Elijah Almis.

Due to their Celestial bloodline, Descendants excel massively in magic and hold a strong connection to it's realms. Descendants can be very difficult to kill depending on the strength of their blood.

All Descendants share the same weakness to Zalgo's magic, meaning relics and weapons however rare are lethal to them. Descendants can become highly entitled, especially if they know of their bloodline, leading them to cause themselves and others ruin through their sometimes hard to control powers.

Culture & Society

Descendants do not share any connected culture, since they are so widespread and few.


The first Celestial Descendants were created when three Celestials were stripped off their powers and made into mortal beings as punishment for causing a war in the Celestial realm. They were essentially mortal bodies with the strong Celestial blood in them. Due to mixing and breeding with mortals, the Almis bloodline was created. The first child was Jaya Almis, who went on to have Sylvana Almis (deceased), who herself had Aaron Almis. 

The Almis bloodline is well known in the galaxy, for better or worse, due to its family members holding key positions in galactic politics and great magical power. There are many though, primarily Zalgo Cultists, who wish to see them wiped out.