Daniel Almis (also known as Sam'anar) is the eldest son of Gaia and Nozdormu and the brother of Elijah Almis and Ven Almis. He is most well known as a member of The Almis Family and for fighting as part of the Heroes of Old in the 500 Year War, Triumvirate War, and Demonic Crusades. Over the decades he has taken many forms, most notably the Blue Demon and the Entity of Death, but currently lives as a Human.


Celestial Origins

Dan was once the Celestial son of Nozdormu named Sama'anar, The Architect, until he caused a rebellion with his brothers in the Celestial Plane and was cast down to the Mortal Realm as punishment. It is believed the rebellion was sparked due to the presence of Death among Mortals, with Dan believing it was immoral for his father to let people die every day in his own creation.

To teach his son a lesson, Nozdormu wanted him to experience death on a regular basis on Earth until he fully understood it's existence.

Before the Heroes

Dan was cast down into the year 1185AD and struggled to adapt the new realm. His father had cursed him with a blue demonic entity that fought to take over control of him, succeeding on many occasions that led to the mass-slaughter of villages across Feudal Japan. This caused the legend of the 'Aoi oni' (Blue Demon) to last through the ages.

Once civilisations progressed and centuries went by, Dan eventually managed to gain control and use his powers for better purposes. He fought in many wars usually on the side of Britain, finding that place to be the closest thing he had to home mainly due to it's distance from the country he had arrived in.

However, eventually his control wavered during an attack on the base where he was stationed, leading to the Blue Demon destroying everything and everyone on both sides. Drowned in guilt and regret, Dan ran from Britain and travelled the world to find a new home.

Meeting the Heroes

By 2012 Dan ended up in Japan again to track down a supernatural syndicate who would threaten to reveal the presence of magic to the world. In the process of thwarting their attempt he found Ven Almis, discovering the man was his fellow cast-down brother. He decided to stick with him, leading him to be introduced to the group who would come to be known as the Heroes of Old.