Considered a 'dark art', Blood Magic is an advanced school of magic that requires personal sacrifice or the draining of other beings life forces. It is fuelled by the magical properties contained within the blood of all living things and it's effects or potency can vary depending on the blood being used. Legend has it that the practice was first discovered thousands of years ago on Mytheria by an unnamed mage who was exiled from the city by a mad king. When the king sent an entire detachment of soldiers to hunt him down, he wiped them out with his newfound power. Exactly how he learned or discovered it is unknown, and whether or not the story is true is even more down to belief.


Harnessing the blood of either the caster or the target, a Blood Mage can shape the liquid into just about whatever they will it to. Projectiles, Wield-able Weapons, Familiars, Shields; all can be conjured by a proficient Blood Mage. There is however a steep learning curve to the art. Novices to magic in general will barely move a drop of blood. It is not until they become proficiently knowledgeable in the greater art of magics do they stand a chance of wielding Blood.


Blood Rituals involved sacrifices of living beings and their blood to invoke powerful spells or magic. Examples include; sacrificing one life to bring back another, inflicting pain to have it inflicted on an enemy, summoning a greater familiar, divination through a pool of blood.

Blood Types

The blood being manipulated can have varied effects on the outcome of the magic. 'Richer' blood, like that of magically inclined species such as Elves, Dragons, Fae, or Pureblood Wizards, can greatly enhance the effects of Blood Magic.

Average quality blood includes Humans, Dwarves, Halflings and other less-magical yet civilised species. The poorest forms of blood come from animals, especially lesser ones like rats, and deformed creatures such as Goblins or Orcs.

The absolute strongest, yet rarest, blood is that which comes from Unicorns or Phoenixes.



As a dark art, Blood Magic has it's dangers. Firstly if too much self-sacrifice is used the wielder can pass out or die from the loss of blood. To avoid this they must take breaks between their castings and allow their blood supply to replenish through sustenance. Also, since the raw energy of this magic comes from the Blood Realm, prolonged use can bring the wielder dangerously close to fading into it. When fading with the Blood Realm, they begin to hear the voices and cries of it's inhabitants which are not at all pleasant. To avoid this Blood Mages use protection runes or tattoos on their body to 'keep a distance' from the Blood Realm.

Notable Practitioners

  • Daniel Almis learned the art from knowledge stored within a Demon Lord's vault on Azmodan.