Arcane Magic (sometimes known as 'Mana') is magic in its rawest and untainted form. Therefore the magic can be used as both a positive and negative force, it being up to the individual how they wish to use it.


Being the rawest form of magic there is, Mana can be manipulated into almost any purpose making it the most versatile of the magic arts. Arcanists can conjure offensive attacks such as missiles, bolts, blasts and even temporary weapons to wield, alongside defensive constructs like shields, walls, bubbles and runes that absorb the energy of incoming spells.

Due to it having the closest connection to the Mortal Realm, Arcane magic is the easiest magic art to learn and wield, yet its almost endless possibilities mean even masters do not reach its full potential.

Unlike arts like Elemental Magic which handle simply drawing upon energy for use, Arcane Magic works in unison with runes, spells and incantations to increase their effectiveness. Many of the techniques regarding Arcane Magic were discovered by the Elves, who specialise in the art.



A popular theory among Scholars is that Arcane Magic holds an addictive quality similar to the draws of Dark Magic, however there has no been enough research or evidence of this. The main reason no one has looked into it is because the major academies and researchers refuse to condemn such a widely used magic, meaning they are mostly scared that the theory could be true.

Notable Practitioners

  • Elijah Almis- A master of the Arcane Arts, he used it as his primary magic in combat and applied his knowledge of the art to re-discover the Traveller's Dimension.