Angels are a winged species originating from Heaven. They hold a natural affinity for Holy Magic and tend to radiate the energy with their presence. Because of this they are perfect for fighting Shadows and Undead beings.


Angels take on the form of humans with white feathered wings. Their hair is usually blonde and their skin incredibly pale. They can hide their wings through enchantments on their shoulderblades to make themselves appear even more human.

They also hold a strong connection to the Angelic Plane, making them natural wielders of Holy Magic.

Culture & Society

Heaven's culture very much relied on purity and the preservation of all that is good and holy. Darkness was an abomination that needed to be vanquished at any cost. Their government was focused around a Queen who would make the final decision for all Angels. The only Angels who did not follow the Kingdom of Heaven were fallen.


The history of Angels stretches too far back for even their own to remember. All that is clear is their eternal war against the Demons of Hell. Some say it was their own purpose of creation; to counterpart Hell in every way. In this thought they are not 'good', since they have gone to extreme lengths to win their wars before. Instead Angels are merely one half of a struggle which until recently was everlasting. However in the year 2563 Heaven fell to the Demonic Crusade. The Angels who escaped now roam the galaxy broken and homeless, whilst those who could not escape are doomed to torture or transformation in Fallen Angels.