Aaron Almis represents a new beginning for the family.

The Almis Family is an infamous family known throughout the galaxy. They are involved heavily in intergalactic politics and have even saved the galaxy many times before, yet the family name remains tarnished by the crimes committed at the hands of the patriarch, Daniel Almis.




  • Daniel Almis is the patriarch of the family and perhaps the most complex and well-known member. He is known both for his acts of heroism and his heinous crimes. He is currently an intergalactic fugitive after escaping a maximum security prison.
  • Ven Almis is the brother of Daniel Almis and one of the three founding members of the Almis Family. He currently works as a renowned bounty hunter.
  • Aaron Almis is the great-grandson of Daniel Almis, the son of Sylvana Almis and the founder and current leader of the Santori Protectorate. He is well respected throughout the galaxy and holds a stellar reputation, perhaps earning the Almis family back some credibility.


  • Elijah Almis was the youngest brother of Daniel and Ven Almis and one of the three founding members of the Almis Family. He left the galaxy in the year 2547, which is officially considered the last time he was seen or heard from. He helped raise his great-niece and great-great nephew in the Traveller's Dimension before passing away there.
  • Jaya Almis (Now Veilsong) is the daughter of Daniel Almis and Kittiana Youngblood. Considering many of her father's crimes and her position as the Queen of Phoenixspire and a leader of the Galactic Systems Union, Veilsong renounced her family name and any connection to them.
  • Sylvana Almis was the daughter of Jaya Almis and Talis Veilsong, who, shortly after birth, was taken to the Traveller's Dimension where she lived and died. This means her presence in the galaxy is barely felt, her legacy lives on in the form of her son, Aaron Almis.