"He is one of the most honourable men I have ever met. One of the few that gives me hope in the future of this galaxy."
- Olwen Hagan on Aaron
Lord Protector Aaron Almis is the son of Sylvana Almis and the Lord Protector of the Santori Protectorate, as well as a member of the notorious Almis Family.


Early Life

Aaron was born in the Traveller's Dimension to Sylvana Almis and and as yet unknown father. He was also raised by his great-great-uncle Elijah Almis who had long been the protector of his mother. From a young age Almis was raised to know the importance of creating peace in the galaxy, and although he was not born in the galaxy, he was constantly prepared for the day that he would return.

Return to the Galaxy

Aaron returned to the galaxy at the beginning of the Helix War, his involvement in destroying this would become his first step towards protecting the galaxy and fulfilling his training.

The Santori Protectorate